Welcome to The Aviary

Hello there peeps!

Firstly, no matter your skill level, your style or your preferred medium of expression, we welcome you with open...wings (silly puns are welcome too). We hope you will find The Aviary, the official blog of paper wings productions, a warm, open, friendly and inspirational place. As the tag line of paper wings productions says where creativity takes flight, we wish to encourage and help you along your imaginative and artistic adventures.

What to Expect from The Aviary

Get to know who keeps paper wings productions flying. Introductions to the people behind paper wings productions like Carrie Avery the gal who makes it all possible and the designers. Get to know them better as they share their ideas, inspiration, art and thoughts. Any questions here will find their way to the proper person.

Answers to your questions. If you want to ask anyone in paper wings productions how they did this, why they did that, what the heck is going on, what ink they prefer, what their favorite color is and of course to express some love, you can comment here. Want to know all the ways to contact us? Here is a quick rundown:
Sneak peeks and introductions to the stamp sets and other paper wings products. The early bird gets the worm...see what is to come before anyone else. Wonder why this or that stamp was created and how to use it? We will introduce you to the stamp sets and share art made with the stamp sets.

Inspiration. Plenty of different projects to illuminate the myriad of ways you can use paper wings productions products.

Tutorials. Some things are just better when explained. When there is a technique or any process that gets a lot of buzz, we will try to post tutorials here. Let us know what you are interested in learning more about.

Challenges, contests and giveaways, oh my! Ways for you--our peeps--to participate, share, showcase and win paper wings productions products.

Blog Hops. We want everyone to get to know each other in the Flock and what better way than to visit each others' blogs (or gallery or Facebook page should you not have a blog). We will have scheduled themed blog hops in the future.

Focus on our peeps. We *love* seeing what you create using paper wings productions products. Feel free to contact us with links to your work on your own blog or online galleries. To make it even easier to look at all of our peeps' creations, we have created a flickr group. We will be sharing our favorite projects from our flickr group here on the blog so make sure you post your work on the flickr group often!

A place to be heard. If you have a suggestion for a stamp, stamp set or product you want to see from us--contact us. If there is something you want to see here at The Aviary, we want you to tell us. We are here to listen.

Announcements. We will try to post here with important announcements.

Want to Keep Up with The Aviary's Flock? If you want to keep up with The Aviary, we recommend you follow our blog by becoming a follower on the right hand column, subscribe on the right hand column by email and/or through something like google reader. Hint: this could give you an advantage in giveaways as well.

We are so excited to get to know you all better and see you soar.


  1. I bought six stamp sets at the Launch and finally - FINALLY - got to use them tonight! Thank you for providing such lovely and inspiring artwork for me to play with!

    1. I hope you had as much fun as we did playing with them. We would love to see what you made...feel free to post to our flickr group, by email, or comment here or Facebook. Thank you so much for purchasing our stamps and for commenting!


We appreciate and treasure each and every comment. You make our day by taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Have an uplifting day!

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