Thursday, March 8, 2012

Introduction to Liz H. Balderas of handmade by Lissie girl

Hello again peeps!

I have the honor to introduce you to someone I have recently met, but am a big admirer of already.  Liz H. Balderas of handmade by Lissie girl is an unbelievable artist and how could you not tell by the 9 (!?!) stamp sets she illustrated this initial release such as Frida Por Vida, Birds of a Feather, Home Tweet Home, Let's Eat Cake and Milagros?!?  You really will want to go to her Facebook page and see her work.  Like everyone here at paper wings productions you will probably become a huge fan of her winsome, sweet and lovely work.

Here are her answers to the 10 Things Questionnaire.  Liz's answers are in green:

One of your favorite books from childhood?
Madeline – Ludwig Bemelmans

Two trends that you will never stop loving no matter how wrong?
Shabby chic
Bold graphics/patterns

Three of your roles in life?
Wife, mother and designer

Four of your favorite art tools?
X-Acto knife
Prismacolor colored pencils
Acrylic craft paints
Newspaper (for paper mache)

Five places you want to visit?
Paris, Barcelona, Dubai, Athens and Tokyo

Six sources of inspiration?
My girls ~ Mia, Nadia and Liv
Vintage graphics
Mexican Retablo art
Folk art
Illustrators ~ Lorraine Fox and Mary Blair
Etsy Blog ~ Featured Seller interviews 

Seven people that you wish to thank?
My husband Rene, my girls Mia, Nadia, Liv, and my sisters ~ especially my sister Karen she passed away in 2010 and she has been my inspiration to do what makes me happy ~ and crafting makes me happy!

Eight totally random bits of information:
1.   Do you like silence, listen to music or watch something as you create?
Well I love to listen to music but when I finally get to work on my craft projects it’s usually late at night and everyone is asleep so I have to create in silence.
2.   Do you cook?
Yes I do, although I usually take the weekend off from cooking duties except for making a big breakfast every Sunday.
3.   Velma, Fred, Daphne, Shaggy or Scooby?
I’m a nerd, so Velma I guess.
4.   If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Mind control ~ I could make my family do things they don’t ever want to do, that would be fun!
5.   A book you would like to live in?
Alice in Wonderland
6.   How many pets?
No pets, we have tried but haven’t been successful.
7.   What talent do you wish you had?
I wish I could sew and weld
8.   Who do you wish would decorate your house?
Interior designers Sheila Bridges and Roman & Williams are so talented, I also love Ray & Charles Eames and Greene & Greene. 

Nine items on or in your desk/worktable?
It’s always a big mess; laptop, printer, glass jars filled with brushes, pens, pencils, paper mache forms, newspaper, cutting mat, water bottle, and a box filled with wooden spools.

Ten colors you could not live without?
Black, gray, brown, white, beige, greige, sage green, slate, sky blue and purple.

I can't wait to get to know Liz more and see everything she does in the future!

Take flight,

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