Friday, March 16, 2012

Show and Tell: Flourish Fun and Flourish Fun 2

Good day peeps,

I finish up Show and Tell of Julie Mogford's stamps from our first release today with Flourish Fun and Flourish Fun 2.  I think of these stamps as workhorses as flourishes can be used in so many ways...Julie really outdid herself with her thoughtful designs.  Rather than just boring you with writing let's see the stamps in action in Julie's fantastic samples.

I hope this has encouraged you to put these flourishes to work!  Can you come up with some new ways to use Flourish Fun and Flourish Fun 2?  We would love to hear your thoughts and/or see what you have created.

Coming attractions: future installments of Show and Tell with the fabulous stamps by handmade by Lissie girl.  

Take flight,


  1. Cool post! Who knew you could do so much with flourishes! And so nicely presented!


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