Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stamped Fabric Tutorial

Hey everyone, Katie here! Today I wanted to share with you this stamped fabric I made! I made a bunch of hand printed fabrics like this for my Mom for Christmas (she's a quilter!) and they turned out so awesome, I wanted to show you how I made them.

I used the Tea time stamp set and the Play with your Coffee stamp set to create this tea themed fabric.

You'll need fabric paint (or a good ink that is permanent on fabric), a stamp, acrylic block and a palette.

1. Spread out a little fabric paint onto your palette and press your stamp into it like you would an ink pad.

2. Stamp your design onto your fabric just like you would paper!

I started by stamping my largest stamp (the big teacup) a few times around my fabric, and then filling the blank areas in with smaller stamps.

Thanks for stopping by, remember- let your creativity take flight!


  1. What a unique gift idea! I'm sure it took foreverrrrr. How much fabric did you stamp for this DIY?

    1. FOREVER! haha. I did about 3 pieces that were 1 yard ( all different patterns) and a couple of half yards too.

  2. Katie, what a lovely idea for your Mom!

  3. This is just amazing! Fabulous gift for a very lucky Mom!


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