Thursday, March 8, 2012

Introduction to Carrie Edelmann Avery

Hello there peeps!

Are you curious about, Carrie Edelmann Avery, the fearless leader and visionary of paper wings productions?  Not only does she run paper wings productions she also designs stamps like the Owl Panel, Crane Panel, Bird Panel and Butterfly Panel to name a few.

I first encountered Carrie back in 2000 (or thereabouts) when she was running Stamp Antonio and I was immediately struck by her warmth, her willingness to listen to me chat all about altered books, collaborative projects and other things I was mad about then, her knowledge and intelligence, her generous spirit, how capable she is and not least her talent.  In the years since she has only deepened this initial impression and built upon it.  I know you will see these qualities shine through in her too.  

We have a fun 10 Things Questionnaire to help you learn more about her. Carrie's answers are in green.

One of your favorite books from childhood?
Where the Sidewalk Ends – Shel Silverstein

Two trends that you will never stop loving no matter how wrong?
birds on everything
electronic 70s & 80s music

Three of your roles in life?

Four of your favorite art tools?
walnut ink crystals
bone folder
matte gel medium
Home Pro LR tool

Five places you want to visit?
Europe- (yeah, all of it) between museums and ancient sites, I could stay very busy
Angkor Watt – Cambodia
Egypt – pyramids and Thebes
Manchu Picchu – Peru
Petra – Jordan
(there is an obvious theme here, ancient civilizations are a big fascination for me)

Six sources of inspiration?
My children
Peace and quiet (seriously, there’s something about it that gets me thinking)
My garden

Seven people that you wish to thank?
My parents, for loving me and accepting me no matter what
My sisters, for their friendship.  No one has ever had my back like they have.
My husband for loving me just the way I am and for being my best friend.
My kids for the unconditional love they give me.  They make my heart whole, plus I love acting like a goof ball and they eat it up.
Ellen because I couldn’t possibly be who I am today without her
My elementary art school teacher for igniting a curiosity and passion for art
M.I. for showing me just how cool old stuff is.  Classic literature, movies, arts, music.  His taste is superb. 

Eight totally random bits of information:
1.   Do you like silence, listen to music or watch something as you create?
I have to have music and not just any music.  My music. I admit to being a music snob.
2.   Do you cook?
Yes.  I like to cook with fresh, healthy foods
3.   Velma, Fred, Daphne, Shaggy or Scooby?
I have to go with Scooby- Rut Roh, give me a Scooby snack!
4.   If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Hmm, to heal.  Heal people, hearts, bodies, things…
5.   A book you would like to live in?
The Winnie the Pooh collection.  100 acre wood is a world within itself.
6.   How many pets?
2 Dogs (Sam & Daisy) and a cat (Cora the Killer)
7.   What talent do you wish you had?
I wish I was a talented seamstress
8.   Who do you wish would decorate your house?
I am not up on current designers.  Currently I watch very little tv and read nothing but gardening magazines.  I am a big fan of the Arts & Crafts movement.  My dream house would be a Frank Lloyd Wright with Stickley furniture. 

Nine items on or in your desk/worktable?
bone folder, sunglasses, ipod, black Versafine ink pad, card samples, cup of coffee, packing tape, rusty altoid tin, notebooks/journals

Ten colors you could not live without?
lime green, sage green, meadow green, burnt orange, fuchsia, aqua, vintage brown, black, white, cranberry red

I hope you enjoyed discovering more about Carrie...I know I did.  If you have any questions for Carrie, please do not hesitate to ask.  Up next are introductions to the stamp designers' so check back soon.

Take flight,

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