Thursday, March 8, 2012

Introduction to Shay of postscript press

Yes, I am back again, peeps.

I get the job of introducing myself now. There is a special sort of torture experienced when writing up something about one's self I think....

My name is Shay and I design under the postscript press name.  Once I start writing, I seem to go on and on (as you will soon see) so I will make this part of it snappy.  I love stamps.  I buy them, dream of them, talk about them, covet them, create with them and now design them.  My wish as a designer is to create stamps that will make you want to play and explore with joy and without censor.  With the Framers I really tried to think of ways to make stamps that could be used with stamps you already have or will buy in the future.  I would love to see what you have made with them or any paper wings productions stamps.  For more about me and an introduction of the Framers you can visit my blog: verdigris hall.

Let's get to the Ten Things Questionnaire already!  My answers are in blue:

One of your favorite books from childhood?
Meet John F. Kennedy, Jr.—perhaps not my favorite book, but it was the book that began my lifelong passion for reading after that I read other biographies and then moved on to series like Nancy Drew.

Two trends that you will never stop loving no matter how wrong?
Design trends from my childhood—woodgrain, clouds, rainbows, raindrops, chevrons, owls, huge florals, gnomes and trolls…and doilies—I should be over them, but I am not.
Georgian or Regency anything…well not anything, but you get the idea.  Jane Austen is top drawer.  This should not be confused with the Victorian era which I am not as keen on.

Three of your roles in life?

Four of your favorite art tools?
Coloring agents
Cutting instruments
Paper in its various forms

Five places you want to visit?
In the United States: Maine, Pacific Northwest, New Orleans, California, New York City, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.
New Zealand and Australia

Six sources of inspiration?
People and things that filter through my life
Showers—my best thinking seems to be done then

Seven people that you wish to thank?
My mom who is unflagging in her support and still runs circles around me with her tenacity and energy.  She’s fierce, courageous, passionate and willing to risk opening her heart despite any past hurt.
My dad who deserves a story from decades ago, but only gets this acknowledgement of how much his taste in movies, shows, humor and literature has shaped my own and how much I appreciate his support no matter what I do.
My sister who is the wind beneath my wings.
My grandparents who were unreserved and unconditional in their love.
My uncle Ben who has shown me a generosity that is unparalleled; my aunt Pat who has always shown me a great deal of love and support.
My extended family and friends because they have each touched my life in an indelible way.
Rocky—there are so many Rockies in my life.  Like my first pet rock (surely his name was Rocky) or my first pet a black cat named Rocky or Rocky Balboa.  They each taught me something: that throwing a rock into a pond will cause ripples; that a rock is solid, steadfast, useful and beautiful; to keep on punching even when the odds are against you; and that we will lose our loved ones, but never the love we felt for them. 

Eight totally random bits of information:
1.   Do you like silence, listen to music or watch something as you create?
I usually put on a tv show or dvd.  I particularly like children’s films while working like The Incredibles, Howe’s Moving Castle, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-rabbit…something I can play over and over again.  On especially long days I may put in Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.
2.   Do you cook?
Yes, I do.  I am a Sunday dinner and special occasions cook.
3.   Velma, Fred, Daphne, Shaggy or Scooby?
Velma, I did go to Mount Holyoke College after all.  But I think in the end I am more like Shaggy—clueless, hiding under the bed, loving my dogs and eating a lot.
4.   If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Extraordinary powers of communication and perception
5.   A book you would like to live in?
Lost in a Good Book or any Thursday Next book--the idea of living in a book within a book tickles me
6.   How many pets?
Six dogs.  Yes, I said it.  I can talk about them for hours…it’s shameful.
7.   What talent do you wish you had?
So many!  Up there is the ability to speak and write in more languages than basic English, regrettably I am rather horrid at languages.
8.   Who do you wish would decorate your house?
Either Candice Olson because her interiors are lovely or the Novogratz duo because their designs are fun, funky and fresh. 

Nine items on or in your desk/worktable?
Oh so messy.  To name a few things: stamps on and off acrylic blocks; markers; inks; paper—cardstock, 6x6 pads, scraps, full sheets and tiny bits; water bottles for drinking and using for cleaning stamps, spritzing in my mini spray bottle and to use with paints and brushes; tags; soft gel medium; adhesive; many containers full of lots more stuff.

Ten colors you could not live without?
White, black, gray, brown, blue, red, yellow, green, pink and orange

For particular hues I tend to gravitate towards:
all forms of blue-green or green-blue like sky blue, pool, aqua, viridian, verdigris, turquoise, teal, spearmint green and midnight blue; navy; cherry red; fuchsia; coral; olive green; citrus colors like lime green, lemon yellow, tangerine, grapefruit and blood orange; crisp white; inky black; fawn brown/kraft and all grays

There you have it.  I hope you have enjoyed finding out more about us.  Check back soon (and often) for more introductions.

Take flight,

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